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Countries with Dobson Stations

Country Station WOUDC Instr. No. Operation
Algeria Tamanrasset 002 D011 operated
Argentina Buenos Aires 091 D097 operated
Comodoro Rivadavia 342 D133 operated
Marambio 233 D099 operated
Ushuaia 339 D131 operated
Armenia Amberd 410 D044 operated
Australia Brisbane 027 D111 operated
Darwin 084 D078 operated
Macquarie Island 029 D006 operated
Melbourne Broadmeadows 394 D012 operated
Macquarie Island 029 D016 destroyed in 1959
Melbourne Broadmeadows 394 D105 operated
Melbourne 253 D115 operated
Perth (NOAA) 159 D081 operated
Belgium Uccle 053 D040 operated in Kyiv
Botswana Maun 035 D015 operated
Brazil Cachoeira Paulista 200 D114 operated
Natal 219 D093 operated
Canada Toronto 065 D004 not operated
Alert 018 D060 not operated
Edmonton 021 D102 not operated
Toronto 065 D077 operated
Cuba Havana 311 D067 operated
Czech Republic Hradec Kralove 096 D074 operated
Denmark Sondrestrom 267 D092 operated
Egypt Aswan 245 D069 operated
Cairo 152 D096 operated
Hurghada 409 D059 operated
France Lannemezan 474 D049 operated
Haute Provence 040 D085 operated
Germany Hohenpeissenberg 099 D046 not operated
099 D064 operated
099 D104 operated
099 D113 not operated
Lindenberg 174 D071 operated
Greece Athens 293 D118 operated
Hungary Budapest 100 D110 not operated
China P. R. Kunming 209 D003 operated
Xianghe 208 D075 operated
Iceland Reykjavik 051 D050 operated
India Ahmedabad 073 D054 operated
Kodaikanal 008 D045 not operated
New Delhi 010 D036 operated
D112 operated
Poona 187 D039 operated
Srinagar 013 D010 operated
Varanasi 074 D055 operated
Iran Teheran 464 D109 operated
Italy Sestola 201 D048 operated
Vigna di Valle 055 D047 not operated
St. Pietro Capofiume xxx D066 operated
Japan Kagoshima 007 D128 not operated
Naha 190 D127 operated
Sapporo 012 D126 operated
Syowa 101 D119 operated
D122 operated
Tateno/Tsukuba 014 D070 not operated
D116 operated
D125 operated
D129 operated
Kenya Nairobi 175 D018 operated
Korea Republic of Seoul 252 D124 operated
Mexico Mexico City 192 D098 not operated
Morocco Casablanca 158 D106 lost
New Zealand Arrival Heights 268 D017 operated
Lauder 256 D072 operated
Nigeria Lagos 317 D5703 operated
Norway Ny Alesund 089 D008 operated
Oslo 165 D056 not operated
Tromso 052 D014 not operated
Pakistan Quetta 011 D043 operated
D100 operated
Peru Marcapomacocha 429 D087 operated
Philippines Manila 218 D052 operated
Poland Belsk 068 D084 operated
Portugal Lisbon 082 D013 not operated
Romania Bucharest 226 D121 operated
Russia Moscow 116 D107 operated
St. Petersburg 042 D108 operated
Seychelles Mahe 207 D057 operated
Singapore Republic Singapore 214 D007 operated
South Africa Irene 265 D089 operated
Springbok 340 D132 operated
Spain El Arenosillo 213 D120 operated
Sweden Vindeln 284 D030 operated
Switzerland Arosa 035 D015 not operated
D051 operated
D062 operated
D101 operated
Taiwan Taipei 095 D095 not operated
Thailand Bangkok 216 D090 operated
Uganda Kampala New D040 loan operated
Ukraine Vernadsky/Faraday 232 D123 operated
Kyiv-Goloseyev 498 D040 operated
United Kingdom Camborne 036 D035 under re-location
D002 not operated
D041 operated
Lerwick 043 D032 operated
Cambridge xxx D073 not operated
D031 not operated
Halley Bay 057 D103 operated
Uruguay Salto 343 D134 operated
USA Amundsen-Scott 111 D082 operated
D080 operated
Barrow 199 D091 operated
Bismarck 019 D033 operated
Boulder 067 D061 operated
D065 operated
D083 operated
Caribou 020 D034 operated
D086 operated
Fairbanks 105 D063 operated
Hanford 341 D094 operated
Mauna Loa 031 D076 operated
NASA Goddard xxx D102 not operated
Nashville 106 D079 operated
Samoa 191 D042 operated
Tallahassee 079 D058 operated
Wallops Island 107 D038 operated
Washington Smith.Mus. D037 not operated

Updated on 22nd November, 2018 Martin Stanek