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Documented Missions, Meetings, Training

This page presents an updated list of recent missions and expert meetings related to the Dobson network that are documented in open reports. Visitors are asked to inform the administrator about relevant actions that are not included.

Action Date Reference
Training of Dobson operators and technicians 1996 - 2006 Training of Dobson Operators
WMO Dobson Intercomparison, Arosa 1999 WMO/GAW Report No.138 - Part I
WMO Dobson Intercomparison, Buenos Aires 1999 WMO/GAW Report No.138 - Part II
WMO Dobson Intercomparison, Pretoria 2000 WMO/GAW Report No.138 - Part III
Regional Dobson Intercomparisons at the RDCC-E 1999 - 2005 RDCC-E Report for 1999
RDCC-E Report for 2000
RDCC-E Report for 2001
RDCC-E Report for 2002
RDCC-E Report for 2003
RDCC-E Report for 2004
RDCC-E Report for 2005
Dobson Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting, Sapporo 2000 DAHC Report - 2000
Dobson Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting, Hradec Kralove 2001 DAHC Report - 2001
Dobson Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting, Arosa 2003 DAHC Report - 2003
Regional Dobson Intercomparison Tsukuba 2003 Dobson IC Tsukuba, 2003
Regional Dobson Intercomparison Buenos Aires 2003 Dobson IC Buenos Aires, 2003
Dobson Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting, Kos 2004 DAHC Report - 2004
WMO Dobson Intercomparison, Dahab 2004 DICE Report - 2004